Operations Team

David Shorey

General Manager/ Head Epee Coach

David started fencing at the age of 12, inspired by a fencing competition in an old science fiction novel. He began his training in foil but switched to epee three years later. Within a year of switching weapons, he won his first national medal, winning gold in the cadet men’s epee division. Since then, he has represented Canada at Junior World Cups in Italy and Sweden, as well as the World University Games in Russia, and the Vancouver Men’s Epee Grand Prix.

David has completed his Bachelor of Science in physics and math and is currently working as a teacher within Surrey School District.

In 2009, David began coaching under the guidance of the national team coach, running classes and summer camps. David has been certified as a fencing coach (Prévôt d’épée) by the United States Fencing Coach’s Association (USFCA) and has helped guide students to medals at the provincial and national level.

Mark Atienza

Head Foil Coach

Mark started his fencing career in 1997, with a dream to become a champion on the Philippine’s National Team. Mark committed all his time to this goal training three times a day for three years to win a position on the junior national team. This was only Mark’s first milestone in a series of fencing related life goals. He made senior national team the following year and dedicated himself full time to competing, winning medals both domestically and internationally. Mark made the difficult decision to retire from active competition in 2012, setting a new focus in his life to become a successful fencing coach. Mark has stayed current and active in the international fencing community to ensure that his students learn the most modern and effective fencing techniques and strategies.

Mark is certified as a Class B Trainor with the Philippine Fencing Association.
Mark has a BA in Secondary Education, majoring in Sport and Recreation Management from the Far Eastern University in the Philippines.

Catrina Jensen

Operations Manager

Catrina’s journey in fencing began with her participation in TFA’s middle school program in 2007. Returning to the sport after a near decade long hiatus, Catrina currently serves in the role of operations manager, where she coordinates our rec centre programs, and our gear orders, among many other tasks.

Catrina has achieved a Bachelor’s of Education and currently works as a teacher in Surrey School District.

Iavor Ivanov

Epee Coach / Technology Manager

Iavor began his fencing career in TFA’s first Middle School programs during 2007. He developed an immediate passion for the sport and initially trained in all three weapons, finally deciding upon, and excelling at epee. He has competed locally, regionally, nationally and in the US for TFA in both individual and team events.
Iavor’s has a Bachelors of Applied Science in Computing

Iavor is greatly valued as a member of TFA’s staff and as a senior fencer, who is always eager and willing to work with and learn from the Academy’s coaching staff.

Instructional Team

Brad Kelly

Chris Blizzard

Isaac Jacobsen

Kiara Tang

Peter Khrissanov