Academy Training

When students have completed their Beginner and Intermediate courses through our city partners (or equivalent programs through other fencing clubs), they are encouraged to join our Academy 1 Training Program. Under guidance from our head foil and epee coaches, students have access to training at our Academy training sites, with a focus on group training towards competitive excellence.

Academy 1: Building Strong Foundations – Pre-Competitive Training

The Academy 1 class is primarily for fencers who are fairly new to the sport or are on the younger side. The focus of this class will be improving on student’s foundational skills, techniques, footwork, and bladework learnt in recreation centre programs, as they build towards competitive readiness. As fencers gain experience and prove themselves, they will progress into Academy 2: Competitive Training.

Academy 2: Competitive Training

For our older and more experienced fencers who are gearing up for national level competitions, the Academy 2 program is designed to meet the needs of athletes aiming for excellence. This program is designed to refine and enhance existing skills, focusing on strategic nuances, advanced footwork, and competition-specific tactics.

Through the Academy Training Program, fencers may elect to sign up for private lessons with their coach of choice. These private lessons offer an individualized fencing experience, allowing coaches to work more closely with a student and are essential for competitive success within the sport.

For information about registering for this program, or if you’re unsure which of our programs are right for you, please complete the form below detailing your fencing experience, and we will be in touch to arrange a skills assessment with one of our coaches.